AL Binayat Scrap & Metal, LLC is a privately-held company that has grown rapidly through diversification in scrap processing, we provide you best services related to Metal, Glass, plastic, scrape, Aircraft scrape, and spare parts.

AL Binayat Scrap & Metal, LLC buys new prompt industrial scrap from metalworking manufacturers and steel service centers and obsolete scrap from dealers, peddlers, demolition contractors, railroads, ship and aircraft owners, trucking, and equipment leasing companies.

AL Binayat Scrap & Metal, LLC Services, a subsidiary of Scrap Metal Services provides highly efficient and cost-effective scrap management, slag handling, and other support services for the steel-producing industry.

 AL Binayat Scrap & Metal, LLC has become a scrape industry leader, committed to responsibly and efficiently serving its customers and the community with integrity and professionalism, in an environmentally safe manner.

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